Gold Commitments of Traders

No wonder gold got clocked like it did! Hedge funds were actually busy adding more longs and covering shorts over the past week’s reporting period. As soon as those downside support levels were taken out after the election results were digested, gold bulls were getting mauled in a big way. As you can see, every […]

Full out “RISK ON”

Financial markets are becoming absolutely giddy with delight as they are now firmly looking beyond their “dark night of captivity” to the Obama administration’s growth killing regulatory scheme with all its oppressive mandates to a “new morning” of a business friendly Trump administration. Wall Street is sensing growth and investors are responding by unceremoniously trash-canning […]

Copper’s mystery rally

It is a “mystery” because many analysts are groping for a reason to describe a move of this extent. I might add, some am I. The wire reports are blaming traders looking at improving conditions in China which is bringing buying into the industrial metals in general, but especially into copper. As far as the […]

US Dollar weakens on polls

I have said it before and will say so again, the notion that the Democrats are the party of “the little guy” while the Republicans are the party of the fat cats, is so egregiously idiotic that I marvel it has survived as long as it has. Proof of this can be seen in the […]

BOJ Governor Kuroda Comments

In reference to an earlier post I put up this morning about the concerns bond traders have about Central Banks reaching the limits of their ability to use monetary policy to stimulate their respective economies ….. Kuroda is speaking this evening ( Friday morning in Japan) about the need for GOVERNMENTS to implement structural reforms. […]

Soybeans surge higher

The soy complex has been moving higher even in the face of a massive US harvest over strong demand for bean oil, strong demand for beans and meal in general, and some recent planting weather concerns arising down in S. America. The charts are looking very strong with both the beans and the meal on […]

GLD Bleeds Out; Weekly Gold Update

The one factor that gold bulls have had going in their favor during the recent selloff that occurred in gold and the gold mining shares in this month of October, has been the stellar performance of the reported holdings in the gigantic gold ETF, GLD. It has held rock steady in spite of the carnage […]

King Dollar soars

A late session surge in the US Dollar index sent it climbing and closing above the 98 level for the fist time since late February/early March. The index looks to be on track for a run at the March highs between 98.40-98.60. The setback in price yesterday proved to be a one day affair with […]